Globe under Water - reviews

The Drowned Soldier (2012)

The book is a Science Fiction novel and lovely front cover in which the young heroine swims over a flooded city leaves no question about this science fiction novel’s theme.

The writer has already published the series about Dalia Dragon Whisperer.
This book is a dystopian novel. In the future, earth is flooded because of global warming. Mountain tops and other highly situated areas are now penetrating the water as little islands. 14-year old Lara and other young people are collecting things from the flooded cities for their despotic diver boss, Tudsen. Lara and her friend Jarii find an old diary next to a drowned soldier, which leads them to Lara’s missing father. The story is extremely well written, and you are immediately captured by the intense and troubling tone of the book. Lara is the narrator and tells the story in a present tense, which makes you feel close to the events unfolding in the book. The language is very good with well-used metaphors and elements that add to the general atmosphere of the book. The book describes the horrible slave lives of the diver children very well and has nerve-wracking descriptions of their dangerous dives.

A captivating science fiction novel with a timely theme and realistic and interesting characters. The fine language makes for a pleasant reading experience.

Reader: Vera Hollerup

The Atom Zone (2013)

Second part of the sci-fi trilogy. The book is especially for girls over the age of 12. The lovely ocean-blue front page evokes an underworld and “end of the world” atmosphere that will surely attract readers.

I had not read the first book, but it did not take long before I got into the storyline. The heroine Lara returns with her father who was presumed dead. But at home, much has changed – Lara’s sister, Fianti, has been kidnapped by pirates; while Lara mother’s boyfriend now sleeps on her dads side of the bed. Lara and her friends, Jarii and Malco, sail out to free Fianti, but things do not go as planned. It’s a nerve-wracking read – the characters in the book face storms, a broken mast, staying on deserted islands, raids in the flooded cities and finally: Meeting the unscrupulous pirates who, it turns out, have very special plans for Fianti. It is an action packed book, but romance also finds a place in a small ménage á trois. The book reads fluently, language is good and the writer deserves a big thumbs up for the creative names of the characters: Tudsen, Istne and Kaiser to name a few.

Dystopian books are everywhere at the moment and is read by many people. This book is well written, exciting and a very good example of the genre. I for one am excited for part three.

Reader: Elisabeth Bennetsen

Red Earth (2014)

This sci-fi book for children and YA from 12 years seeks an audience who already likes to read dark portrayals of the future of the earth. This specific book touches on the consequences of global warming. The books front cover shows the heroines face floating over a red-toned battlefield. The book is the third part in the series Globe Under Water.

The young woman Lara sets out to find her beloved Jarii in the battlefield fearing that he has been killed. After many challenges, she finally arrives to the strongly guarded Southern Island where the rebel army, led by Lara’s dad, is getting ready to fight the dictator of the Southern island. Lara is soon deeply involved in the rebellion and is captured several times, flirting with death. The book is a worthy follower to the prior books in the series and the exciting story is told with such an intense presence that you have a hard time putting down the book. As a reader, you feel close to Lara, the main character, who is well described both physically and mentally. The scenario of the future seems believable and interesting, with sceneries and landscapes described in great detail, creating mental pictures for the reader.

The book is a great end to a sci-fi trilogy, and can easily be compared to the best ones on the international market – both in regards to originality, language and relevance.

Reader: Vera Hollerup

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